Distance and Driving Times 

  video - tutorial

Attention:  Check the necessary calculation time !

About 1,000 to 1,500 Distance-calculations are possible per hour.

The Calculation time for is 

1 x 30,000 (US-zip)  about 15 hours.
Larger tables you can have calculated by us.

Tip:   Deactivate "automatic update functions"

Before start, decrease the IC-DistanceAnalysis window and place it in the upper left corner of the monitor screen.
So you can see all unespected messages by other programs.

Large distance and driving time tables can be easily created .
Their display is appealing and practical:


Complete Overview


Distance Overview


Driving Times Overview


It is so easy:

  1. Click on the distance table button    .
  2. On the distance table window choose a start and a destination table. Enter a name and a vehicle profile.
    Click on Start to initiate the calculation.

  3. Choose the ´from-´[ 1 ]  and ´to-´ [ 2 ] tables.
    The corresponding table sheet opens and you can select the whole list or highlight and select single addresses for the calculation.
  4. [ 3 ]: ´Row wise calculation´ means that the distances of all the address rows of the ´from-table´ are calculated 1:1 to the corresponding address rows of the ´to-table´.

    ´Round trip calculation´ means that the round trip route is calculated. The routes may differ because of one way streets, etc.

    ´Air distance only´: No street distnaces, but air distnaces are calculated (Earth curvature is considered).

  5. A window with the calculation status is displayed.

  6. When the calculation is done, the button Continue appears. Click on it to close the calculation window.

    The new calculated tables are added to your excel file.